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Who’s Irene?

27 Aug

Irene would be that stupid hurricane that wants to deter me from my vacation to the Outer Banks. If I had a drivers license I would be driving down there through 100 mph wind gusts and torrential down pours, sadly the state of Virginia doesn’t see me at the proper age which my dad’s surely thankful of.

Now that I’m the equivalent of a caged cat waiting for Irene to skedadle I decided I should probably do something to pass the time.

So I decided I should count down my top ten favorite players and say why they’re so awesome, because we all know if I like them they’re awesome. And I also thought some of you may enjoy a good chuckle over my misfortune.

10. DJ King

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a grinder, tough guy kinda girl. I live for 4th line action, every time they take the ice you can’t miss them. Which brings me to Mr. King, the fiercest #17 I’ve ever seen. If his name didn’t tell you he meant business, when the Caps were on 24/7 they did a segment on the grinders and showed DJ’s scarred hands ripped from all the fights he’d been in. True dedication to the game right there, my friends.

9. Cam Fowler

It’s not often you’ll find me rooting on a guy whose not a Cap, but what can I say? destiny brought Mr. Fowlers and my fandom together. Now I didn’t just pick a random team and a random guy on that roster to be versatile. No, I watched the 2010 draft and he was one of the last guys to be drafted. it pulled on my heartstrings a little, not to mention he’s an amazing dman and Gordo’s lucky to be on a team with such a cool guy.

8. Scott Hannan

What can I say? I’m a sucker for defenseman (no, not that way). It could also have something to do with the fact I saw him in Giant and he was parked right next to us! (yes dad, it was really Scottie). Hockey wise, he’s a strong stay at home defenseman which the Caps really needed because our back ends as weak as diarrhea (and not because of the goalies). He was also a strong presence in the locker room due to his experience, which not many of the others players had. He was a useful guy and will be missed.

7. Matheiu Perreault

how could you not like Matty P? He’s a lil’ french-canadian center! or centre as the Canadians put it. He does have some things to improve on, like not disappearing after his call up. But he’s a great player with a lot of skill. He’ll make it big soon.

6. Mike Knuble

He’s the fine wine of the team, in the sense he gets better and better every year. Heck, maybe he’ll play his best season when he’s 70! until them, he’s a great first line anchor to keep Ovie and Backstrom’s eyes on the goal, literally.

5. John Carlson

Other than the fact he’s a wonder twin (shut down crew: activate!), he’s an incredibly talented offensive defenseman and really brings his A game. Although he’s only played in the NHL playoffs twice, he’s a strong presence. Watch out southeast conference!

4. Andrew Gordon

The fallen one, of course it made sense career wise. He couldn’t just be an AHL star leaving his goal of playing in the NHL full-time unattained without trying. So sadly, the loveable forward left us for the Mighty Ducks. He’s a great player and a great person, his talents and personality will be missed.


3. Matt Bradley

hehmmm anyone NEEDS MORE BRADLEY!? because I sure as heck do. Sadly I won’t be getting it unless I convert to the pathetic Panthers (hey, that rhymes!). He’ll always remain one of my favorite players, no mater what team he plays on. His dedication to his craft really stood out when everyone was out to lunch. He’s a great player, a “spark plug” and will be missed. (Unless you’re a Sasha fan…)

2. Karl Alzner

The second half to the Wonder twins (shut down crew: Activate!) aka Carlzner. Carlson and Alzner are like Peanut Butter and Jelly, ice cream and a spoon, green beans and ketchup (ok, maybe the last one only applies to me). They’re what you call a successful blue line tandem. Carlson is the offensive goal scorer while Alzner is the house keeper. Not to mention, Alzy’s amazing stick handling and foot work. That opinion could be slightly biased…

NUMBERO UNO! (I don’t take spanish so I apologize if I spelled that wrong)

1. Matt Hendricks

Hendy is like an A plus student. He always gives it his all be it practice, a game, or the Playoffs. He never points fingers and always takes responsibility for his actions. He’s a true role model if I’ve ever seen one. His work ethic is exemplary and he’s always nice to fans. In fact, he loves hockey so much he became a fighter to stay at the pro level. True dedication if I’ve ever seen it. It’s Hendy Time!

Grinders for life, that’s how I roll. So that wraps up my, I’m going nuts in my house with no vacation and I love the Caps post. Now it’s time to catch National Treasure.


RIP Rick Rypien

16 Aug

The sad news that the NHL had lost yet another family member hit me in tweeting waves tonight after I finished my nightly PSAT study session. As my fellow tweeter, and boston fan, put it “The NHL community is close knit, it feels like everyone that has a part in the NHL is family. You never want to lose a family member.”

While some of us didn’t follow his career through the minors up to his NHL debut, we all feel his loss as much as the truest Canucks fan.

So I dedicate this post, in memory of all the good Rypien has brought to the Canucks and the NHL. May he rest in peace.

Rick Rypien was born in Coleman, Alberta, Canada in 1984.  His semi pro career started when he played with the Regina Pats, a major junior team in the Western Hockey League (WHL). He then signed with Manatobia Moose (AHL) to continue on the path to the NHL. After a full, and successful, season with the Moose he moved onto it’s NHL associate the Vancouver Canucks.

Rypien made his NHL debut against the Oilers in 2005. He made his name known early as he got his debut goal on his first shot in the first period. He continued to play well until game five when he broke his leg playing against the Wild. In his professional rookie season he played 5 games to go along with his 15 points in 49 games with the Moose. He continued his professional career with the Canucks 6 years, with the occasional trip down the moose, and had 9 goals and 7 assists. He had signed with the Winnipeg Jets prior to this regualr season (2011-2012).

While Rypien wasn’t known for his goal scoring ability, he was known as a real grit and get it done type of guy. He was part of an exclusive club of men playing the only kind of game that would keep them in the NHL. He played with heart, grit, and determination to keep his spot on the roster and to make other guys wary of the Canucks when he was on the ice.

While not all of his behavior was the most professional or the best way to act, he played a good game of hockey. Let us not focus on his skirmishes with linesmen or fans, but on the way he played the game and how he played with passion for the game. That’s what he should be remembered for. Rest well Rypien.

And another one bites the dust

13 Aug

While Free Agency might be an after thought to some with the NFL’s lockout over and preseason games already underway, but to Caps fans we lost yet another valuable member.

Scott Hannan was signed by the Calgary Flames for a 1-year, 1 million dollar contract. For his position, playing ability, and experience I say he was jipped.

Scottie wasn’t with us long but he was a valuable member of our blue line; always staying around the net, clearing the zone, and blocking chances for the other team. All in all a solid 4th line defensive d-man.

He wasn’t a blue line star power like Green and Carlson, but he wasn’t supposed to be. He did his job, and did it well. He brought experience, knowledge, and skills to the team which we didn’t really posses before.

As if letting him go wasn’t a stupid enough move, it looks as though we haven’t signed any new Defensive defencemen. Having offensive d-men and forwards is great, but you need more than just goalies protecting your end of the ice.

That’s my food for thought today for the hockey hungry. Let’s hope the Caps prove me wrong this season.

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