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Sasha DOES care

18 Sep

After watching numerous interviews, seeing countless pictures, and reading a plethora of tweets about Training Camp. I apologize. Yes my dear readers, this chicka has said a few questionable lines about a certain number 28, and would like to make amends.

I apologize to all Sasha fans about my comments on how Semin comes to play, his attitude, and his playing ability. While some comments I said before were true to the situation, A new Semin came to Training Camp and is ready to show he really DOES care.

There, I said it. Let’s hope Semin does care and helps us win the Cup come April! Until then, just showing up and scoring many (many) goals would be nice. And I do believe that’s October I smell in the air…ROCK THE RED!


Experience vs. the fountain of youth

5 Sep

In the last few years, it seems the Caps focus is getting the youngest and freshest talent available. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not always a bad thing (see the Wonder Twins). But we need more experienced players, Knuble’s great but he shouldn’t be the only one know what he’s doing in the Playoffs. Which is why I thought signing Hannan and Arnott was a good idea, they’re both good players, both have lots of experience in the Playoffs and both Hannan and Arnott, respectively, have won at least one cup.

Which is what really baffles me about losing both Arnott and Hannan to free agency (yeah, that elephant). Yes, we did have to fit everyone under the salary cap but I don’t see how experience and good work ethics are less important than running around and getting surplus goaltenders. This isn’t the Clinton administration (oh yes, I’m still bitter), we’re caught with our pants down and with surplus, Leaving the most important things by the wayside.

We do have Hamrlick, Ward, Halpern, and Bouwer and time will tell whether they were good investments or not. But that doesn’t hide that we’ve made some rather boneheaded moves. Keeping Semin for one, he’s a good player but he’s more hot than cold and as ,ex Capital 4th line forward, Matt Bradley said “… he’s one guy who has so much talent, he could easily be the best player in the league, and just for whatever reason, just doesn’t care.” That’s a highly controversial fact, but look at the stats. They don’t lie.

Now maybe Brad’s comment will be disproved this season, and I really hope it does. But looking at the last few seasons, we haven’t done what we need to do in the off season. Whether that be getting rid of floaters, or acquiring more experienced players.

To conclude, both experience and youth are both important. It’s just the right balance and combination that makes the difference. Let’s hope the Caps got the combination right this year. As the (slightly) cheesy Caps playoffs commercials say “It’s our time”. LET’S GO CAPS!!!

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