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You can’t come to Canada, eh? Canada comes to you!

29 Oct

It’s snowing. Not only is it snowing, it’s October in Falls Church. That’s like DJ King scoring a hat trick on Henrik Lundvquist. It, just-no. That being said, the Caps are on their first road trip of the season in Canada. And Canada was so kind to send some of their weather our way, sadly they forgot the moosehats and maple syrup. 

No mooses were killed in the production of this hat

 So far the Caps have had their tushes handed to them by the Oilers, in true Canadian fashion, eh? But the Caps hope to change that line tonight against the Canuckleheads (my adoring nickname).

It wouldn’t be a Caps game without a little drama, so let’s  throw in Greeners twisted ankle and an incorrigible defense. Is the popcorn ready yet?

If our teams drama wasn’t enough to earn itself a spot on SoapTv, Vancouver is overflowing with Jersey Shore rejects. Well not overflowing…

“It’s called GTL…”

All greasy hair jokes aside (there are a lot), Luongo will either be a brick wall or a fluttery tarp. I’m rooting for LOLongo, personally…

Let’s not forget tweedle dee and tweedle dumb Henrik and Daniel Sedin. Pretty much, the Canuckleheads only offensive power
houses (minus helmet hair Kesler). I won’t bore you with the rest of the roster, their all your typical American/Canadian chokers…(sound familiar, Caps fans?)
Well, that’s all for now folks! It’s time for college football as the October blizzard of 2011 continues…

My dog ate the Tv feed?

28 Oct

Dang, knew that wasn’t going to work! but sadly, again, I could not watch the Caps game. Why, you may ask? It was a little something to do with flooring…

As all of you know (or will now) I’m going to have a sis come November 9, whom I will enforce hockey upon the day she arrives in Cibly Hospital. THe only real issue is our little 500 sq ft one story was simply not big enough for three women, Mark, and Pepper (I’m exaggerating…a little). So contractors party crashed my summer, meaning I had to get up before mid day, and ripped our roof off adding a second story.

This Odyssey is coming to an end (points if you got that reference) and all they have left is he flooring. It takes two weeks to put flooring in and stain it, two weeks! So I’m laid up in Falls Church’s finest, Marriott: Towne Suites which decided to get every NFL channel under the sun but didn’t spring for the NHL Network.

But that was the least of my worries as my dad decided sharing a room with a 9 month pregnant lady and a teenage girl was a way better decision than springing for two rooms. That also means there s one, count them one Tv. And guess what was on last night? No, not a Caps game (which we LOST) but Greys Anatomy. Which is clearly way more earth shatteringly important than the Caps first West Coast road trip. Does this brilliant logic run in the family?

So no, I didn’t watch the game. I heard all about cracking someones chest open and clearing another persons arteries all the while the Caps chances of going 8-0 were dying. Do we call Dr McSteamy in on that one? So tomorrow, unless McSteamy does overtime…

The twitter machine

27 Oct

Oh twitter, how would I procrastinate without you? Twitter is the most time-consuming, useless invention created! and-give me a sec, John Carlson just called someone a mutant?! As I was saying, twitter’s that new thing everyone has to have. So why not hockey players?

And since this is a Caps blog, we have to be talking about a very special goalie joining us in twitter world: Mr Braden Holtby, aka the kick assiest number 70 I’ve ever see (granted, I haven’t seen a lot of #70’s)

He’s the guy who was supposed to be Neuvy’s backup, but then Vokoun came in and ruined that plan (I’m not bitter…) he’s currently the starting goalie for the Bears and is called up whenever someones groin breaks. So give him a follow! @holts170, and try to get him to tweet while you’re at it.

The West Coast road trip, here we come Canada!

26 Oct

It’s that time of year again folks, When it gets all snowy in Edmonton! Wait, that’s all year. Nevermind…Anyway, it’s that time of year! When the Caps make their first (of many) to visit our lovely western hockey teams and hopefully kick their derrieres.

Our fist game on the West coast is against the Oilers. You know, the team Gretzky played for. Nope not LA, yup the one way up North. In a city where it never stops snowing (or at least that’s what I hear). Edmonton. The Oilers are long past their heyday. In fact, I think this is like a really (REALLY) bad hangover from their dynasty era (read more about them here: So far their doing ok this season, mostly due to prodigies Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Taylor Hall. When playing against “serious” competition (see the Caps) we’ll have to see how well their young stars can do…

Back to the Caps, They’ve been hot lately. Like hot as my grandmamma’s biscuits right out of the oven, hot. Of course that’s dependent on two very important factors; Vokoun actually plays like his reputation credits him and the D is solid.

For the game in Edmonton, we’ll probably be without “young gun” Mike Green due to an injury in the Detroit game (the game I didn’t watch. See: Consequences, consequences, consequences…). But Vokoun is starting, which is good unless he reverts back to the Vokoun that played against Tampa *shudders*.

In the end, I predict the caps get the W. The Oilers will put the pressure on, but against a hot team and insatiable goalie, we’ll be too much to handle. My prediction? Caps win, with a 1-2 goal lead. Kinda tight, but I predict a low scoring game. Until the game starts, it’s any mans guess. Who knows? maybe tomorrow will be the night of an Ovie hat trick…

Consequences, consequencs, consequences…

24 Oct

Nope, I’m not your Health Teacher here to talk to you about safe sex (remember those unbearably awkward hours?) More like tell you why it’s never a good idea to buy something unless you’re fully committed. You’re thinking “Silly Camilla, What does this have to do with hockey?” It has EVERYTHING to do with hockey. Sit back and enjoy the worst night of this October so far.

Last night was George Mason’s annual super lame Homecoming. It was also the night where the last two undefeated teams played each other; Caps vs. Wings.

Earlier that day, I made the brilliant decision to not go to homecoming. No issue, right? WRONG. Apparently my penny-pinching father thinks if he buys you a $50 dress you’re going to enjoy it god dammit.  The conflict emerges.

The ultimatum: Go to homecoming or don’t watch hockey. That, sir, is putting me between a rock and a hard place. Missing hockey (especially an important game like this!) is like taking away [insert addictive illegal substance] from an addict. You just don’t do it. And I really didn’t want to see a bunch of guys grinding awkwardly with their girlfriends.

But to watch my beloved game, I took the most pissed off a shower you’ve ever seen somebody take and put my makeup on so darn pissed you would’ve thunk someone was holding a gun to my head! All the while yelling I would walk all the way home (a mile in 5 inch platforms, brilliant I tell you) if he made me go.

After I dressed and sulked in the bathroom for a few minutes, I had the genius ideas that confronting my dad  when more pissed than a bull ready to charge was a good idea. God, I love logic.

I then proceeded to say (more like roar), I quote, “How long do I have to go to the fucking dance before I can come home!?” Apparently the F-bomb doesn’t get you anywhere when trying to reason. Who knew? So then my dad told me the pleasant news, I wasn’t going to be able to watch hockey regardless.

And being the levelheaded 15-year-old I am, I went in my room and decided lobbing my Anne Klein’s at my wall was going to solve everything. No, it wasn’t. As I learned when a nickel sized crater appeared where the heel of my shoe made contact with the wall.

I said all that because, unfortunately, I can’t write about this game. Because I didn’t watch it and was to busy glaring at the illegal NHL feeds that wouldn’t load and let me watch the game. But thursday I’ll be ready to get this show on the road!

Moral of the story: Don’t throw you’re shoes at the wall. It doesn’t solve anything and only makes you read Spackling directions.

homecoming, hockey, hullabaloo, oh my!

22 Oct

Tonight is the night of the Homecoming dance hosted by George Mason high school. And I’m not going. No, it’s not because I don’t have a date and will feel like a total loser buying one ticket at the door (ok, maybe that’s a little of the reason why…). But because the Caps are playing the Wings and I just can’t tear myself away from a big game like this! So my little white Calvin Klein dress is going to hang in the closet until the winter dance, or when ever I feel like wearing it.

Now to hockey, the Caps and Wings are both undefeated and are meeting tonight. Can you say major? (see! I can’t abandon them in a time of need like this) This game is pitting two power houses against each other. Sticks will get higher! Egos will get bigger! Skates will get trippier! (ok, that’s not a word. But you get the idea…)

I predict, and these are just based on what I know about each teams and how they’re playing a la moment, that this will actually be a high-ish scoring game. I think the Wings will probably get the first goal, which will get us in focus as we’ll check (and subsequently, get more penalties) more and drive the net with more determination. Then, in the second, we’ll just Unleash the Fury and just score lots of goal, maybe an Ovi hat trick??? of course the Wings will counter with some pressure and a few goals, but not enough to make up for their deficit.

Same deal continues into the third as Caps keep their lead and give the Wings  a chances on goal and a PP (it’s bound to happen) but no dice. Caps win.

Oh those Broad Street Bullies…

20 Oct

If there’s one thing I’m not good at doing, it’s beating around the bush. I hate the Flyers. Their fugly inmate orange uniforms make my skin crawl just as much as the players do. To put it bluntly.

Tonight we play the Flyers. How it ends nobody knows! but what I do know, and what I predict is this: Caps will be sluggish in the first and give Philly a lot of chances, heck they might even score, but we’ll come back strong. Ready to beat one of our strongest rivals all the way down to the basement of the Wells Fargo Center, with tight checking, maybe a few questionable hits, and a few penalties as a cherry on top.

But most importantly we’ll score. By whom, when, and how? nobody but the hockey gods know. And they sure as heck aren’t sharing! The Caps continue to play a tight game and keep the Flyers on the defensive with a few more scoring chances and maybe another goal.

In the third we’ll probably get sloppy with the lead and take a dumb stick penalty (hehmmm Sasha), but we’ll escape the penalty unharmed and ready to sew this baby up. And so we will. Caps beat Flyers; score yet to be determined.

PS- these are just predictions on what I think has a good probability of happening with a serving of bias for good measure. DOn’t take it to seriously until we get the W.

Kitties vs. Caps (3-0)

20 Oct

This was the game I had not been waiting for. Dreading, actually. It meant one of my favorite players facing my favorite team. Said player would be Matt Bradley, I will always and forever be Team Brads. That said, the Caps are my team and I’ll neverroot against them. No matter how hard it can be. All I wished for was no fights. Brads fighting Hendy or any other Caps would absolutly break my heart in two. I couldn’t handle it. Luckily I didn’t have to go the ER for a broken heart, this game. PS- No, Team Brads is not in any way, shape, or form connected to Twilight. Just in case you were wondering.

The biggest hype around this game, had nothing to do with the actual game itself. But two players; Matt Bradley (dubbed Brads, by yours truly and others) and Alexander Semin (dubbed Sasha, it’s some Russian thing). No it’s not because Brads thought Sasha’s haircut was ugly or the the fact that his pants made his ass look big, it was over Brads interview this summer. Let’s just say he made a very big, and well publicized, boo boo. But we all know about it, let’s stop beating the dead horse. It’s over.

Other than pre-game Sasha vs. Brads hype, the game went unsurprisingly smooth, for us. Not so much for the Kitties.

The Caps delivered their first blow at 4:24 via a Mojo wrister on a Power Play, curtesy of Scottie Upshall for tripping. the Caps continued to play hard and check, keeping th Kittens out of our zone and forever on the defensive, until The Hebre Hammer decided some interfeance was necessary at 15:26. Luckily, we killed it beautifully with only one or two shots on goal. The rest of the period; scoreless.

The game was kept suspenseful throughout the second with only 19 shots on goal and no score. But the Caps won’t let this shutout go down without some true Caps style; Sasha scored at a mere 1:49 in the third with a Sasha wrist shot (can we shut up about hin caring now, please?). But no, the Caps couldn’t be satisfied with a 2 goal shutout, Chimers sealed the deal at 19:16 with a backhand so beautiful you’d make a Panthers fan cry (oh wait, the don’t have any…).

Due to the high amount of Ex-Caps now playing for the Panthers (it’s where the ex-Caps go to die, I tell you!) they had a group hug sesh in the locker rooms and Brads pronounced his bromance to Sasha along with a talk and hug after the game. And so the Panthers and Caps game ends happily ever after. The end. Can’t we all just get along? (minus the Flyers, damn cheapshot artists)

Sens vs. Caps (2-1)

20 Oct

Sorry!! I’ve been super busy! like staying up until midnight doing a drivers ed project (yup, I got to draw a dash board) and writing a lab report busy. Give me a break, it’s here. Whether you like it or not. So bite me.

Ahh, The Senators. Aka the team Carrie Underwood’s husband used to play for (get it now?). One of those doing so bad you pity them and kinda want them to win teams. But, of course, not against the Caps. No one ever really thought beating them was going to be an issue, but stranger things have happened (i.e, Caps losing to the Canadiens in the first round 2-ish years ago after winning the Presidents Trophy). So we were still ready to rock the red full on.

It started out like an ordinary game. The puck dropped, we lost the faceoff (without Stecks we’re kinda piss poor in that category) but quickly regained control of the puck in our zone during a line change. Per usual, yawn, yawn we get it Camilla.

But things started lookin’ a little different at 8:47 when Backy had a sweet little wrister. Curtesy of Semin (he cares, don’t beat the dead horse) and Old man Knuble.

Things continued to get quirkier and quickier, as Mojo got his mojo on with a (please read with New Jersey accent) geourgeous wrap around with compliments to our vet winger Knuble and Wideman (he just keeps popping up everywhere!).[ Spoiler alert! that was the GWG.] But we continue, as Ottawa made an attempted omeback at 19:34 with Peter Regin, curtesy of a wrist shot.

Then things got boring again because no one scored *yawn*. But this proves the Caps can still be Champs and play well in low scoring games. They don’t all have to be the Ovie and company show (or as Locker says, O-vee). Did I forget to mention it was the first time in franchise history since the 70’s they were 4 and 0? PS-If you think that impressive, see the Panthers game…

Flightless Fowl vs. Caps (3-2)

18 Oct

*Sheepish look* yeah, this game was Thursday, but for some of us academically minded in high school, we have extra curricular to attend (aka Model UN) and AP Gov tests to study for. So I was really busy, and unfortunately didn’t get to post anything on this game or the game against the Senators. But no worries, my biased opinion is here to [insert verb here] you. You’re welcome.

The game we had been waiting for. Our arch nemesis, the Pittsburgh Penguins (I’d call them what they really are, but kids may read this) at Consol Energy center. If there was ever a game of the season to anticipate, it would have to be this one. The players looked pumped and ready to kick some serious Penguin ass. Or at least a certain number 8 did.

After the ceremonial puck drop by Ovechkin and Malkin (It was to benefit the wives/girlfriends and kids of players who died in the tragic Lokomotiv plane Crash) the players got in formation and the puck dropped. Per usual, we didn’t win the faceoff and the Pens easily grabbed the puck and took an early (and soft) goal on Voukon at 2:27.

Luckily Voukon was able to make it work and staved off the goal hungry Pens throughout the first period despite the two power plays they managed to grab. The score going into the first intermission was 1-0, Pens.

My first thought was “Well, fiddlesticks. We can’t even beat a team without their top player.” Luckily, I have very unprecise predictions. The Caps came back and absolutely dominated the second period with Brooksie adding a tally at 9:58 and tight checking. Let’s just say I was getting a little cocky going into the third period.

Oh boy, that was a stupid of me.  We got off on a good foot that period, with Knuble scoring at 1:20. But the plot thickens, At 5:54, our lil’ Jay Beagle decided to get in a fight with an NHL heavy weight, Aarron Asham. Does anyone else smell that reek of disaster? Not only is this Beagle’s first year playing in the NHL, but it was his first NHL fight. Can someone tell the class how many ways that was a really bad idea? Well, as one might suspect, on the second punch Beags was dropped. I can respect that, I truly can. What I can not tolerate is Ashams dirty gesture afterwards. the GTS or Go to sleep gesture.

“Hey everybody, let’s just make fun of a really big issue in the NHL (one of which his Captain is suffering from, I might add). It’s going to be so funny!” I was, at the very least, livid. A very wobbly and bloody Jay Beagle was escorted off the ice by the ever so gentleman like Karl Alzner and John Carlson.

Oh no, the drama didn’t end there, but I’ll address that later. The game moved forward as Ovie served Beags minor penalty for roughing while Asham served his major for fighting. Knubles wrister held its own in the second, keeping us tied at 1-1.

When we came back in the third, ready for action, Jay Beagle hadn’t returned from the inner depths of the locker room. Caps fans feared the worst as play continued in the third with Ovie scoring just :40 seconds into the period. sadly, the scoring didn’t stop there. The Pens finally capitalized on a power play (at the worst possible timing, I might add) when James Neal snapped in a goal, Vokoun didn’t see that sucker coming. We were tied, 2-2.

We finished out the period with a minor penalty on troy Brouwer, holding and the scoring remained the same. Then, there was overtime. Yeah, that thing of where I have to stay up past my bedtime (don’t judge) and don’t get to see Ovie score (he should dominate in that area…).

Overtime was a wee bit lackluster, as Dennis Wideman came out of no where and just sewed this baby up at 2:48 with a nice lil’ wrister. Don’t you wish all games ended so nicely?

Remember that drama I was talking about? It’s here, it’s shemale, it’s bitchy! (overboard? I don’t think so…) So there was this brilliant Pens fan who decided she would tweet Alzner and say ” #JayBeagle83, don’t you mean RIP?” hahaha, NOT. Can we say taking a big ass step over that line? Alzner and Carlson decided to handle this matter, eloquently, by telling her “to screw yourself mutant” (personal favorite) and “To shake her head” (paraphrasing, of course). All I can add to this lovely dialogue is, she deserved it. Justice served. Hockey style.

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