Once upon a time…

3 Nov

In English, my teacher wanted us to write a creative short story. It was one of those I need grades in the grade book and tests are too much work, kinda grades. She gave us this mission, whether you choose to accept it or not (we had too): Write a short story about you as a super hero. And so it begins…PS-this is totally about hockey, you’ll see!
Way back in 1996, a girl was born. And not just any girl, but Camilla Anne Alsobrook (If you call me that I’ll hurt you). How was she special, you may ask? She was born with a pencil in her hand and an extensive vocabulary. At an early age, she specialized in creating intricate story plots for her Barbie’s (Ken was such the womanizer!).

Did her writing end there? No! She continued through her paralious years in middle school, writing about Star Wars so much her teacher refused to let her write anymore. Did she hit her road block? Was she doomed for failure? She persevered! With highschool in her view she became: The fearless hockey journo! With a titanium keyboard and super sleuth mind.

By day: an awkward school girl, who always forgets to do her French homework. By night: An ass kicking hockey journalist; ready to write analysis’, breaking news, and summaries.

She never let a story out of her sight; watching every game and interviewing players on their take on the action. She fearlessly braved riots, mobs, and beer dumping Flyers fans to get the story. Nothing would stand in her way.

the Journo signal!

One night, as she was getting the scoop from a fan. She saw the Journo signal, a mulleted Czech was wreaking havoc on the Caps and had taken Carlzner captive! She grabbed her trusty keyboard and climbed on her trusty mount Screech.

They flew to the mulleted Czechs lair to rescue the two star defensemen. He grabbed his hockey stick and started firing slapshots at them, but to no avail. Journo grabbed her keyboard and started firing vocabulary words at him! His slapshots were no match for “insidious”, “plethora” and “haircut”.

She grabbed the two defensemen and got back to the Phonebooth just in time for the start of their game against the Flyers. Everyone cheered her name and poured beer on the cheap mulleted Czechs head. Mission: Successful.

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