Islanders vs. girlscouts (5-3)

5 Nov

There was no mistake in that title, Caps fans. It was the Islanders vs. the Girlscouts. We were pitiful, damn pitiful. what part of defense is supposed to stay in their own zone and help prevent goals do the Caps not understand!? Girlscouts could’ve played better than the Caps did! (I say this being a former girl scout). How does a team that has won its division 7 times lose to a team who’s regularly in the bottom 10 in the standings? This game shouldn’t have even been an issue, much less a 5-3 loss.

The whole point of getting a lead is keeping it and rushing the net. What did we not do? Rush the net and keep the lead! This isn’t anything new, guys. They taught you this way back in pee wee hockey when you thought girls had cooties.

The Caps defense being as weak as diarrhea wasn’t the only glaring issue, but their old-enough-for-Depends goalie played just as well as my 9 month old cousin; HORRIBLE. Caps, you can’t honestly expect to win a Cup if your defense is weaker than water and you have an unpredictable goalie.

You can talk about it all you want, and try all the wacky line combos to your heart’s content. But until your defense gets serious, you’re no more a threat for the Cup than the Panthers. Keep that in mind next time, boys. You might actually show up.

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