Every team has a weak spot…

7 Nov

And for the Caps, undeniably, it’s the defense. You’re thinking, “ugh, Camilla you say this over and over. We get it!” Are you sure? Because I have 7 people who clearly don’t get the message!

I know I harp on this a lot, I do, but why I’m harping on it is so people don’t get blindsided. Unless the Caps D become more consistent, they aren’t any more a threat to the Cup then the Blue Jackets. You say, “Ok, well Greens coming back. It’s not really an issue.” It is an issue! If they can’t play well, competitively, and consistent even without our star D, we lack the ability and depth to even think about going far.

Think about it this way; a player (or even 2-3) can’t carry a team. You have to play as a team, win as a team, and lose a team. If a team is working properly, one (or so) players aren’t going to carry you to the Cup. A more recent example of this is last years SCF.

The Bruins played as a team, every player and line played well. It wasn’t just Chara, Thomas (who was brilliant), and so on. It was the entire team playing well. On the other side you had the Canucks (don’t burn my house down, please) they were mainly reliant on Luongo, Kessel, and the Sedin’s. Yeah the other players played, but the people carrying the team were those 4 people (although I think the Sedin’s ought to count as one), which is why they ultimately lost. Along with Luonogo’s absolute collapse.

That’s what Washington’s issue is. It wasn’t the “brittle groin” goalie from last year (Cough*Varly*Cough), or the youngster (baby Czech) during the Playoffs, or even Voukoun so far this year. It comes down to us, as fans, and the other players and coaches relying to heavily on the “young guns”. If we’re going to win, and just play consistently, everyone’s got to show up every game. No excuses.

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