What has become of sports journalists

4 Dec

As a, hopefully, future sports journalist, I am extremely disappointed in some of the people covering this field. Specifically hockey.

People come to you, journalists, for fairly objective and professional stories about games, players, and the like. When you get away from that and start  writing biased stories with no true fact basis, slandering a player’s name. What are people really going to think of journalist? Every single person with a press pass has the responsibility to represent this field to the best of their abilities and someone fell very short.

If you hadn’t already heard, there was a piece written about Alex Ovechkin. This piece was pertaining to his recent drop off in production and the possibility of PED’s or steroids being the reason.

Whether or not this is true, I found it extremely unprofessional to post a story about a player, slandering his name when you don’t even have cold hard facts. All this 800 word post has is speculation. Not one drop of truth in the seeming sea of lies.

I’m not targeting the writer of this article. I am targeting what journalism has been reduced to. A bunch of men and women sitting around coming up the most fantastical lies to get the most views and reads. Isn’t that yellow journalism? Is this what you want your name on, a bunch of good sounding lies for publicity?

 If this is what sports journalism has become, then I ashamed for ever wanting to be a part of it.


One Response to “What has become of sports journalists”

  1. yellowS January 24, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    The trouble is that Ovie’s off all the steroids he was aiming!

    Yes, in truth.

    Steigerwald, clearly not content with causing said the San Francisco Giants buff who embodied beaten out into a coma in the first place this year by defending fans contributed the assault on himself, published a newspaper column on Sunday that did not plainly question whether Ovechkin’s declension in production Steroidsgear.com was the issue of his ceasing to use performance-enhancing drugs, every bit the interrogation point in the headline implied. He straight-out averred that without definitive substantiation that Ovechkin did not employ performance-enhancing drugs, then clearly he moldiness be presumed to deliver practiced them.

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