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It’s Hendy Time!

15 Jan

There’s something about seeing hockey up in the rafters that makes it so much more intense and thrilling than on Tv. At least that’s how I feel after seeing the Caps pull an extremely close win over our division “rivals” (we have about as much rivalry going on as the Blues and Wild, yeah…) the ‘Canes.

This was my dad’s “Caps package” because the real ones are $400 and up. Yeah, NO. I’ll take my two nosebleed games with an over-priced coke, please. The nosebleeds are always more fun, you sit next to the drunk, the stupid, and the just plain weird. Lot’s of entertainment.

In my case, it was the drunk and stupid. I sat next to one of “those” girls. SIGH. And the dude above me had one to many $10 beers, considering he started booing the Flyers half way through the game…

Other than our rowdy companions, the game was pretty yawn worthy. The Caps didn’t play with any urgency during the first and half of the second. They could’ve certainly borrowed some from the mile long line to the mens bathroom, does it ever end!?

Luckily Brooksie scored (he did! Eat my snow, refs!) and that seemed to be the turning point for the Caps. Not only did they press the attack more, but their over all game was sharper. Quicker and smarter passes, harder battles at the net, and that resulted in a couple of goals.

Not only did Alex Semin do what he was paid to do, but he managed to escape the game unscathed. Penalty wise. THe dude in the penalty box got company, though. From the unlikely suspects Jay Beagle and Mike Knuble to name a few.

It seemed to be the night of the Russians, not only did Semin score, but Dimitri Orlov got his first NHL goal which also happened to be the game winner. That’ll be one to remember!

The real star of the game was Voukon, though. Not only did he stand on his head, but he had the most saved goals of this season at a whooping 43.  Defense say what? Stick taps to you, Vokes.

The game was a bit of a sleeper, but the Caps did what they had to do to become successful. Rush the net, create scoring chances, and you know, score. Feel free to rinse and repeat, guys.



12 Jan

This season’s been nuts. Jason Chimera, of all people, lead the team in scoring until early December, the Caps fired their Coach, Ovie doesn’t have 20 goals yet, and consistency.

I talk about Chimera, not only because he’s found his scoring stick, but because he got the GWG last night. FOr a guy who’s supposed to add “character”, he’s been adding a whole hell of a lot of scoring “character”.

Not only does he have 4 more goals than he did last year, but he’s dominating in points as well only 5 away from his season total last year. Not bad for a career 3rd liner, eh?

Last night was only proof that Chimera is the kind of player the Caps need more of. He’s a solid all around player; being able to contribute to scoring, setting up plays, the occasional fight, and a key physical presence in front of the net.

Last night was really a corner turned for the Caps. Not because they won, but how they won. They won by listening to their Coach and following his game plan and playing as a team and not as a group of talented guys.

Albeit, the game didn’t exactly start out the way you want, but they got their act together part way through the second and it was on in the third. The Caps kept it simple and dominated the Pens, from a physical and scoring stand point.

The Caps did score only one goal in the first, but they had higher quality scoring opportunities. Not to mention Hendricks being on absolute fire last night, if half the pucks he shot at the net went in the Caps would’ve won by a land slide.

Last night was an example of how the Caps should play if they really want to be a threat this year. If they keep playing hard and with the same intensity exhibited last night, they’re going to be in good shape come Playoff time.

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