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Caps on the road, in Boston, with four goals…

10 Mar

Means a matinée win! In a victory over the Bruins at TD Garden.

This game was very significant for the Chinatown heroes (totally copy righting that, btw) seeing as they’ve been on a downward spiral which would effectively kill any chance of them making the Playoffs. Considering the same basic team ont he Presidents Trophy two years ago, that’s pretty bad.

Luckily, the Caps were able to do the seeming impossible and beat the defending Stanley Cup champions 4-3 in regulation. On the road, I might add. Not that a win on the road against such a good team wasn’t a big enough feat, but the Caps PP and PK looked sharper than the Yoshi blade this afternoon.

Four goals is a pretty astonishing for this struggling team, but what was even more astonishing were the people who scored. Semin got his 18th career goal this fine afternoon along with Hendricks netting his fourth, in the first. Beagle came out strong tickling the twine for the second time this season and Laich tipping in his 13th of the season.

Crossing my fingers here, but a two game baby streak is a good start for a turn around for this Washington team that will lead, hopefully, to the Playoffs and Beyond!


Caps lead by two after two

10 Mar

After the unusually good first period, except for the misshap that lead to the Bruins scoring with five seconds left in the first, the Caps left the ice feeling good with a one goal lead offered by Matt Hendricks.

The Caps came back firing in the second, but the Bruins also came back with strong momentum and managed to snag another goal via Marchand tieing it at two a piece with 16:02 to go in the second.

THe Caps didn’t let that deter them as they rallied on, Jay Beagle scoring a beauty off a Semin pass at 11:22. The Caps didn’t stop there, with Brooks Laich doing some damage at 17:31 assists going to Wideman and Ovechkin.

So far, Caps, so good. Let’s hope they can keep it up and get two points. Who knows, maybe via a Perreault hat trick.

Troy Brouwer the Power Ranger strikes

6 Mar

The first 20 minutes of this game has been the fast passed, high shots game Caps fans are used to. Not only did the Caps strike first, via a Brouwer backhand at 13:59, but they were able to hold a lead going into the locker room, which is a pretty big deal for a team struggling with scoring this season.

Hunters messages about shots and nets and defense finally seemed to click tonight, at least so far. the Caps have outshot the Canes 13-10, which is a positive sign in hopes of them coming back from their recent losing streak and getting back on track for a Playoff spot.

So far, so good for the Caps. Let’s hope thier momentum from the first leads throughout the game and helps them secure a win over a division rival which will hopefully get them two points closer to winning their division and securing their Playoff spot.

Caps drop a bomb…again

6 Mar

Sunday was Part II of my dad’s “Caps Christmas package”. To say the very least, it wasn’t what we bargained for.

We took our character building seats in the rafters, Hendy signs in tow (well, I drug my signs out), ready to view the Caps mighty comeback from their pitiful 5-0 loss to the Devils. Well, the whole comeback thing didn’t exactly work out as planned seeing as Philly scored the only goal of the game on a questionable turnover by Ovechkin.

Ovechkin’s turnover lead to a non-benching where he sat their, looked pretty and took two shifts, Hunter was solving the universe with his line matching the rest of the second and third, apparently, because Ovechkin was definitely not bench. Nope.

While the game, you know, what you pay an arm and a leg for, was going on, Paps and I were thoroughly entertained by the delightful Flyers fans sitting in front of us. Not only were they drunk off their ass, but they were loud and drunk off their ass. A lovely combination, let me tell you.

While he Flyers fans were annoying, but not unexpected (sadly), what I was really irked by was Rihana being played. Everyone has their own music taste, that’s great, but it’s hockey. Not a preteens birthday party. Just stick with rock, guys. Pop isn’t for hockey and never will be.

Even though the game was a bit of a bummer because the Caps lost, all was not in vain seeing as I did see a fight. Granted, it wasn’t Hendy doing the ass kicking, but Brouwer showed the Flyers what’s what. He was even polite in letting Hartnell fix his hair so he’d look pretty getting thrown down.

The trade-less deadline

3 Mar

Yeah, yeah the deadline was monday of what week I don’t recall (umm, last week?). Regardless, the Caps did diddly squat. Which, frankly, surprised me. The Caps are a team with a good core of young, talented players so they don’t really need to do an overhaul (well, yet anyways). I get that, but getting rid of players who haven’t really contributed much so far this season in terms of scoring or defense (ahem, you know who I’m looking at) for guys who actually play worth half a twinkie would’ve been a smart move.

Who is worth it?

I know McPhee said he didn’t want any “rentals”, but rentals can turn into buys if you like the way the guy plays and what he contributes. Not to mention guys who are usually rentals ask for much less (Scott Hannan, anyone?) and are usually pretty solid (See; pretty much anyone we got before the deadline last year).

As far as the right deal not being out there, to put this nicely, Roman Hamrlik for anyone (or anything) would’ve been a great deal. And I’m pretty sure Ward for a few picks or grinders would’ve worked (considering that seems to be the style of play Hunter’s enacting).

Over all, I’m not bemused. Backstrom probably won’t be back in time for a lasting impact trying to get in the Playoffs or, if they’re lucky enough to get in, actually make it past the first round. Center depth isn’t their only problem either.

As I’ve been saying all year, the Caps need stronger defense. I was really hoping the deadline would bear some fruit in form of competent defensive defensemen. Sadly, Mcphee didn’t see the need to pounce on any of the eligible dfefensemen.

In the end, though, GMGM is the General Manager for a reason. He knows what he’s doing, well, I hope so at any rate, and hopefully his caution bears fruit in form of a Playoff appearance this season. Until then, we’ll just have to play the waiting game.

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