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WANTED: A coach. Preferably hockey oriented and sassy

14 May

When I actually hauled my sick butt out of bed this morning to walk the two feet to my desk (two very long feet, let me tell you), I got on the Twitter machine to the newa that, low and behold, Coach Dale Hunter is now EX-Cach Dale Hunter.  He said a lot of sappy stuff about family first and how he’s a dad, husband and son first, yadda yadda he’s going back to coach the London Knights. Well, ok then. I’m not really surprised, honestly, he just didn’t seem like the kinda Coach for the Caps long term.

Now that the most unsurprising breaking news ever has been delivered, the Caps have a mission. Whether they choose to accept it or not (they’d better, buster!), to get a Coach. Preferably hockey oriented and sassy.If worse comes to worse, I can see Ovie doing a Reggie Dunlap. But come on now, people, we need someone with a big sass factor who can do commercials and is no stranger to giant cup holders.

Now, I personally have no idea who’s going to be the Caps next Coach or who is being considered, but his qualifications should include;

-Fluent in english and sass

-Knows how to work a ref. Screaming is optional, but welcome.

-Good facial expressions, has to be able to sell it.

-Gives great sound bites during pressers and sasses the press (sass is mandatory)

-Partakes in so bad they’re good commercials (I need Hadeed!)

-Owns more than one suit. And tie.

Can GMGM fulfill these hefty guidlines? We shall have to wait and see. Until then, let us reminace the awkward half season of Dale Hunter era hockey and prepare ourselves with open arms for our next (opefully longer term) Head Coach!


It ain’t over ’til it’s over…it’s over

12 May

For someone with usually so much to say. I’m speechless. Did that really just happen? Did the Caps really just lose in the second round? I just…don’t know what to say. I “should” be used to this bull crap. But I’m not. Who could be? It’s your team that you watched the entire year (except the games you missed because you were throwing your shoes at walls, but still) and now…they’re out.

The game. What is there to say? we lost 2-1 because the guys just couldn’t get the puck on net and the goalie who shall not be made was apparently mad eof steel. Caps, you played hard. I know you guys really worked your tushies off and I’m not angry. Just sad. Thanks for all your hard work this Playoff series. It was a tough loss, but I’ll always rock the red.

To all the people who read this (all less than 10 of you!) thanks for reading and all the support, you’re really helping me realize my dream of (hopefully) becoming a sports journalist one day. Thanks a lot and I hope you come back next season.

Au revoir.

CAN YOU HEAR US?! Oh, wait…that was last season

5 May

The Caps are actually playing…well. In the second round. Yes, this is for realz. Crazy business, I tell you! Even though I’m not Hunters biggest fan (he takes a bit to warm up to), he has really proven his style of play in the post season. And I must say, I’m most impressed.

If you’ll remember last year during the playoffs, game 4 ended in tears #IsItOctoberYet? hashtags, and much gnashing of teeth from Caps fans as the Lightning, of all teams, very well butchered the Caps in 4 games.

A memory the Caps hoped to erase today winning game 4 against the Broadway Blueshirts tying the series at 2 a piece. Considering New York got 1st in the East this season and the Caps got 7th (talk about role reversals, eh?), this has been a good series.

There have been some ups and downs, game 1 was a bit of a bummer, late nights, I’ll take a 3 OT and a Pepsi, please. These teams seem to favor multi-OT games, remember the “Chimeracle on 34th St.”? And, of course, some awesomesocks goalie matchups. Can you believe the Caps “rookie” goalie is the only goalie in the Eastern Conferance Playoffs to have not lost two games in a row? Yeah,  me either.

It isn’t just Braden “brick wall” Holtby leading the Caps to victory, but the other players have really stepped up. The defense is more present and in the zone helping ward off goal-hungry Rangers with the puck and the offense has done a great job of pressing the attack and putting shots on net, which lead to goals.

Good win today boys (and thank the hockey gods you guys kept in regulation), just keep doing what you’re doing and you never know, you could be invited to the White House this summer.

PS- Go check out @TheDugsSports blog (’s a great Caps blog and I write pregames for him.

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