The road ahead; presented by your truly

8 Nov

Since I have nothing to do during study hall, I’ll be presenting what the Caps face in their next two games. Two of which are on the road. Yikes.

The Caps play the Yotes this Saturday at 8 PM. What do the Caps have in store for them? Well, for starters the Yotes are 11-4 thus far this season giving them one of the better records in the NHL.Their goalie, Mike Smith, has also been on fire of late with a save percentage of .915 in 15 games. While that’s good, Holtby has a save percentage of .925 with only two less games than Smith. Not bad, eh?

Things to look for

  • Alex Ovechkin-The great eight has been on a goal scoring streak ever since coming back from his “upper body” injury. With the Caps on the road to over .500 (it’s about time), his ability to score is shining through at just the right times like during tight power play chances.
  • Mojo-Considering Marcus Johannson has two goals in just as many games, I’d say he’s someone to look to as the Caps continue to (hopefully) win games.
  • The third line-For the Caps, I mean. They’ve been on fire lately with lots of quality opportunities and just plain ole good hockey sense. Hopefully they can continue to get  alot of ice time away from home and keep the Caps on the winning track.
  • Mike Smith-He’s been on fire lately and could be a real road block for the Caps in their quest to continue their winning streak.

The Caps take on Avs the following day again at 8 PM. The Avs have been killing it this season with only two losses so far this season. Their starting goalies save percentage isn’t nearly as impressive as Holtby’s at .933, but that’s just some tiddly wink stuff. The Avs have been very impressive so far this season and the Caps are gonna be between a rock and a hard place if the Avs get up early. Jagr, help us.

Things to look for

  • Gabriel Landeskog-This super Swede had been someone to look out for since day one of his playing career. Talk about hands! If the Caps aren’t careful, he could put a few biscuits in the basket.
  • Avs offense-The Avs offense has been very strong this season and the Caps defense isn’t, let’s say, the best in the league so the Caps have to be really careful with how they position their D if they want to make it out if this game with a W.
  • Alex Ovechkin-Ovechkin is always someone to look out for, especially since he’s been so hot of late. He’s someone you can count on to get you out of a tight spot in a game.

The moral of the story? The Caps ar eplaying some very tough opposition while on the road this weekend and should work on keeping their defense solid and offense ready to score goals because these are two very offensive teams who aren’t afraid to get to the front of the net and make things a little messy if need be.


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