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Troy Brouwer the Power Ranger strikes

6 Mar

The first 20 minutes of this game has been the fast passed, high shots game Caps fans are used to. Not only did the Caps strike first, via a Brouwer backhand at 13:59, but they were able to hold a lead going into the locker room, which is a pretty big deal for a team struggling with scoring this season.

Hunters messages about shots and nets and defense finally seemed to click tonight, at least so far. the Caps have outshot the Canes 13-10, which is a positive sign in hopes of them coming back from their recent losing streak and getting back on track for a Playoff spot.

So far, so good for the Caps. Let’s hope thier momentum from the first leads throughout the game and helps them secure a win over a division rival which will hopefully get them two points closer to winning their division and securing their Playoff spot.


Caps drop a bomb…again

6 Mar

Sunday was Part II of my dad’s “Caps Christmas package”. To say the very least, it wasn’t what we bargained for.

We took our character building seats in the rafters, Hendy signs in tow (well, I drug my signs out), ready to view the Caps mighty comeback from their pitiful 5-0 loss to the Devils. Well, the whole comeback thing didn’t exactly work out as planned seeing as Philly scored the only goal of the game on a questionable turnover by Ovechkin.

Ovechkin’s turnover lead to a non-benching where he sat their, looked pretty and took two shifts, Hunter was solving the universe with his line matching the rest of the second and third, apparently, because Ovechkin was definitely not bench. Nope.

While the game, you know, what you pay an arm and a leg for, was going on, Paps and I were thoroughly entertained by the delightful Flyers fans sitting in front of us. Not only were they drunk off their ass, but they were loud and drunk off their ass. A lovely combination, let me tell you.

While he Flyers fans were annoying, but not unexpected (sadly), what I was really irked by was Rihana being played. Everyone has their own music taste, that’s great, but it’s hockey. Not a preteens birthday party. Just stick with rock, guys. Pop isn’t for hockey and never will be.

Even though the game was a bit of a bummer because the Caps lost, all was not in vain seeing as I did see a fight. Granted, it wasn’t Hendy doing the ass kicking, but Brouwer showed the Flyers what’s what. He was even polite in letting Hartnell fix his hair so he’d look pretty getting thrown down.

Incase you weren’t aware…

15 Nov
There are THREE count them THREE periods in a hockey game Caps! AND GUESS WHAT!? If you don’t play all three you get screwed and lose. ANOTHER THING rounding doesn’t work in the NHL, if you play 55 mins. you can still lose 3-1 to the Predators!
Also, just because you get the lead late in the game doesn’t mean you’re just automatically going to win taking the last few minutes off. The defense has to show up, and you know, PLAY! And the offense can’t skate in circles either, you have to be present and playing hard until that final buzzer goes off if you expect to win.
I am utterly disgusted with the Caps effort of late. It’s not Boudreau’s fault either, he tries everything under the gosh darn sun to get these guys to play! They’re the ones on the ice making the plays, not Boudreau. He can yell, gnash teeth, pull hair, and eat Hageen Daaz all he wants; but until the players show up it’s about as useful as doing the hula.
Ovie, Knuble, and the like can talk all they want tonight; calling their team various names. But until the attitude on the ice changes, it doesn’t matter anymore than what I ate for breakfast.
If we keep playing like this, with the amount of talent we have, we aren’t even a prayer to do well in the Playoffs. Hell! even make the Playoffs. Yes, it really does matter now, because this is when we really see what teams are made of. And I can tell you this much; the Caps are about as impressive as the Florida Panthers were last year.
The only redeemable thing tonight? Vokoun standing on his head and Troy Brouwer’s goal, at least two people showed up tonight.
The message is simple; show up to games and play hard for 60 minutes. Are the Caps receiving it?
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