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Ducklings vs. Caps…

1 Nov

Today’s game pretty special. Nope, not because it’s the first day of November. Or because it’s the first game back at home after our disastourous trip to Canada (yikes!), but because one very special Andrew Gordon will be playing against his former team. And a fan base that still very much loves him.

I refuse to post a picture of him as a Duck!

He’s just one of those players who you miss. Kinda like when you went on that really long road trip and lost your teddy bear, you missed him but there wasn’t anything you could do about it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re going to go easy on these water fowl. Oh no, we’re about as pissed as a wasp who’s got his nest stepped on. All I can say is, we need tighter D.  How do you expect to play agianst offsense heavy teams when your back ends as weak as diarehea?

He had hair!?

And seriously Brucie, what’s with putting Knuble on fourth line. FOURTH [insert explicative here] LINE!! I hope you realize you put the guy who put up one of the very few tallies against the Canuckleheads! Ugh, go get a chemistry set. You’re killin’ me.

Tonights lines, as of now (aka when I should be doing Gov homework, oops…)


 First line:

Ovie(8)- Backstrom(19)-Brouwer(20)

Second line:


Third Line (aka Meat ‘n’ taters!):

Chimers( 25)- brooksie(21)-Wardo(42)

Fourth line (which has almost all of my fave players on it!):

Hendy( 26)-Matty P(85)- Knuble(!!?)22.


Brucie, I hate you.

First line:

Hebrew Hammer(44)- Wideman(6)

Second line:

Schultzy (55)-Alzy[the wondertwins are split up!!](27)

Third Line:

Erskine[glad to see him back!!] (4)- JCar [aaahhhh!! *still flipping out*](74)


Vokoun in net, go figure.

PS- Thanks for the shout outs! @thedugsmusic (capsbasketball.blogspot.com) and @PuckBuddys (Puckbuddys.com also on RMNB)

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