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Caps vs. Devils wear Prada (3-1)

12 Nov

I know I’ve missed a lot of games, but for good reason! My sister, Erin Alsobrook, was born Wednesday at 8 lbs. 11 ounces and 21 inches. I feel that takes precedent over hockey. I’m back though, and ready to deliver my biased opinions and (somewhat) snarky commentary.

Last night, in many ways, was a night for the Caps to redeem themselves. Redeem themselves to the fans, to the coaches, and most importantly, to themselves. If any of you have twitter (don’t lie, you all do), you probably would have seen some strongly worded quotes from Mike Knuble, our loveable veteran winger (#22). He called out his team mates, as well as himself, because they “played like losers and clowns” (paraphrasing). While those words might be strong, he couldn’t be closer to the truth.

He was quoted after their embarrassing loss to Dallas. It was a game we could have easily won after tying it up at 2-2 in the second. But the Caps had forgotten there are three periods in a game, not two, as the Stars poured on Neuvirth scoring 2 goals and one empty netter. This game wasn’t a stand alone failure; the Caps had lost 5-3 to the Islanders. Let’s just say the stories about the same as the score.

Last nights game they had a clear message from Bruce, one that came from f-bomb laden speeches and bag skates, don’t get comfortable with your early lead. If you don’t keep up the work you aren’t going to keep the lead and we’ll just be a mediocre team. Which, the Caps most certainly aren’t.

The Caps played like they usually do in the first, kinda sluggish, giving up a goal. Although I must say, Adam Larrsonn’s laser is one to look out for Neuvy. Although one rather routine thing happened, and it got a very subroutineine response. Semin had an offensive zone penalty (questionable, I know) and Boudreau decided it ended there.

Much to the shock of myself and Sasha fans alike, Semin was benched pretty much the rest of the game picking up only around 10 mins of ice time. kick in the rear? Yes. Will it register and do any good? Tonight will tell.  

The second period was where the momentum changed as Caps Super Star Alex Ovechkin got a nice wrister to make it a tie game at 1-1. The second period ended a tie game with three successful penalty kills by New Jersey.

The third period was the Caps lucky one as they scored two goals via Jason Chimera’s speedy feet shorty at 2:27. As well as Mojo getting his Mojo on at 10:43 to seal the deal.

Al in all, a solid game. The Caps do need to work on accountability, as they recognize, as well as just playing all three periods. Those are really their keys to success, and that’s all Boudreau can say. The players themselves have to put what Boudreau and themselves say to action. We’ll see how tonight’s game goes in way of accountability and playing the full 60 mins. Until then, I have a baby sister and 11 month old cousin to play with.


Every team has a weak spot…

7 Nov

And for the Caps, undeniably, it’s the defense. You’re thinking, “ugh, Camilla you say this over and over. We get it!” Are you sure? Because I have 7 people who clearly don’t get the message!

I know I harp on this a lot, I do, but why I’m harping on it is so people don’t get blindsided. Unless the Caps D become more consistent, they aren’t any more a threat to the Cup then the Blue Jackets. You say, “Ok, well Greens coming back. It’s not really an issue.” It is an issue! If they can’t play well, competitively, and consistent even without our star D, we lack the ability and depth to even think about going far.

Think about it this way; a player (or even 2-3) can’t carry a team. You have to play as a team, win as a team, and lose a team. If a team is working properly, one (or so) players aren’t going to carry you to the Cup. A more recent example of this is last years SCF.

The Bruins played as a team, every player and line played well. It wasn’t just Chara, Thomas (who was brilliant), and so on. It was the entire team playing well. On the other side you had the Canucks (don’t burn my house down, please) they were mainly reliant on Luongo, Kessel, and the Sedin’s. Yeah the other players played, but the people carrying the team were those 4 people (although I think the Sedin’s ought to count as one), which is why they ultimately lost. Along with Luonogo’s absolute collapse.

That’s what Washington’s issue is. It wasn’t the “brittle groin” goalie from last year (Cough*Varly*Cough), or the youngster (baby Czech) during the Playoffs, or even Voukoun so far this year. It comes down to us, as fans, and the other players and coaches relying to heavily on the “young guns”. If we’re going to win, and just play consistently, everyone’s got to show up every game. No excuses.

Oh those Broad Street Bullies…

20 Oct

If there’s one thing I’m not good at doing, it’s beating around the bush. I hate the Flyers. Their fugly inmate orange uniforms make my skin crawl just as much as the players do. To put it bluntly.

Tonight we play the Flyers. How it ends nobody knows! but what I do know, and what I predict is this: Caps will be sluggish in the first and give Philly a lot of chances, heck they might even score, but we’ll come back strong. Ready to beat one of our strongest rivals all the way down to the basement of the Wells Fargo Center, with tight checking, maybe a few questionable hits, and a few penalties as a cherry on top.

But most importantly we’ll score. By whom, when, and how? nobody but the hockey gods know. And they sure as heck aren’t sharing! The Caps continue to play a tight game and keep the Flyers on the defensive with a few more scoring chances and maybe another goal.

In the third we’ll probably get sloppy with the lead and take a dumb stick penalty (hehmmm Sasha), but we’ll escape the penalty unharmed and ready to sew this baby up. And so we will. Caps beat Flyers; score yet to be determined.

PS- these are just predictions on what I think has a good probability of happening with a serving of bias for good measure. DOn’t take it to seriously until we get the W.

Who’s Irene?

27 Aug

Irene would be that stupid hurricane that wants to deter me from my vacation to the Outer Banks. If I had a drivers license I would be driving down there through 100 mph wind gusts and torrential down pours, sadly the state of Virginia doesn’t see me at the proper age which my dad’s surely thankful of.

Now that I’m the equivalent of a caged cat waiting for Irene to skedadle I decided I should probably do something to pass the time.

So I decided I should count down my top ten favorite players and say why they’re so awesome, because we all know if I like them they’re awesome. And I also thought some of you may enjoy a good chuckle over my misfortune.

10. DJ King

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a grinder, tough guy kinda girl. I live for 4th line action, every time they take the ice you can’t miss them. Which brings me to Mr. King, the fiercest #17 I’ve ever seen. If his name didn’t tell you he meant business, when the Caps were on 24/7 they did a segment on the grinders and showed DJ’s scarred hands ripped from all the fights he’d been in. True dedication to the game right there, my friends.

9. Cam Fowler

It’s not often you’ll find me rooting on a guy whose not a Cap, but what can I say? destiny brought Mr. Fowlers and my fandom together. Now I didn’t just pick a random team and a random guy on that roster to be versatile. No, I watched the 2010 draft and he was one of the last guys to be drafted. it pulled on my heartstrings a little, not to mention he’s an amazing dman and Gordo’s lucky to be on a team with such a cool guy.

8. Scott Hannan

What can I say? I’m a sucker for defenseman (no, not that way). It could also have something to do with the fact I saw him in Giant and he was parked right next to us! (yes dad, it was really Scottie). Hockey wise, he’s a strong stay at home defenseman which the Caps really needed because our back ends as weak as diarrhea (and not because of the goalies). He was also a strong presence in the locker room due to his experience, which not many of the others players had. He was a useful guy and will be missed.

7. Matheiu Perreault

how could you not like Matty P? He’s a lil’ french-canadian center! or centre as the Canadians put it. He does have some things to improve on, like not disappearing after his call up. But he’s a great player with a lot of skill. He’ll make it big soon.

6. Mike Knuble

He’s the fine wine of the team, in the sense he gets better and better every year. Heck, maybe he’ll play his best season when he’s 70! until them, he’s a great first line anchor to keep Ovie and Backstrom’s eyes on the goal, literally.

5. John Carlson

Other than the fact he’s a wonder twin (shut down crew: activate!), he’s an incredibly talented offensive defenseman and really brings his A game. Although he’s only played in the NHL playoffs twice, he’s a strong presence. Watch out southeast conference!

4. Andrew Gordon

The fallen one, of course it made sense career wise. He couldn’t just be an AHL star leaving his goal of playing in the NHL full-time unattained without trying. So sadly, the loveable forward left us for the Mighty Ducks. He’s a great player and a great person, his talents and personality will be missed.


3. Matt Bradley

hehmmm anyone NEEDS MORE BRADLEY!? because I sure as heck do. Sadly I won’t be getting it unless I convert to the pathetic Panthers (hey, that rhymes!). He’ll always remain one of my favorite players, no mater what team he plays on. His dedication to his craft really stood out when everyone was out to lunch. He’s a great player, a “spark plug” and will be missed. (Unless you’re a Sasha fan…)

2. Karl Alzner

The second half to the Wonder twins (shut down crew: Activate!) aka Carlzner. Carlson and Alzner are like Peanut Butter and Jelly, ice cream and a spoon, green beans and ketchup (ok, maybe the last one only applies to me). They’re what you call a successful blue line tandem. Carlson is the offensive goal scorer while Alzner is the house keeper. Not to mention, Alzy’s amazing stick handling and foot work. That opinion could be slightly biased…

NUMBERO UNO! (I don’t take spanish so I apologize if I spelled that wrong)

1. Matt Hendricks

Hendy is like an A plus student. He always gives it his all be it practice, a game, or the Playoffs. He never points fingers and always takes responsibility for his actions. He’s a true role model if I’ve ever seen one. His work ethic is exemplary and he’s always nice to fans. In fact, he loves hockey so much he became a fighter to stay at the pro level. True dedication if I’ve ever seen it. It’s Hendy Time!

Grinders for life, that’s how I roll. So that wraps up my, I’m going nuts in my house with no vacation and I love the Caps post. Now it’s time to catch National Treasure.

And another one bites the dust

13 Aug

While Free Agency might be an after thought to some with the NFL’s lockout over and preseason games already underway, but to Caps fans we lost yet another valuable member.

Scott Hannan was signed by the Calgary Flames for a 1-year, 1 million dollar contract. For his position, playing ability, and experience I say he was jipped.

Scottie wasn’t with us long but he was a valuable member of our blue line; always staying around the net, clearing the zone, and blocking chances for the other team. All in all a solid 4th line defensive d-man.

He wasn’t a blue line star power like Green and Carlson, but he wasn’t supposed to be. He did his job, and did it well. He brought experience, knowledge, and skills to the team which we didn’t really posses before.

As if letting him go wasn’t a stupid enough move, it looks as though we haven’t signed any new Defensive defencemen. Having offensive d-men and forwards is great, but you need more than just goalies protecting your end of the ice.

That’s my food for thought today for the hockey hungry. Let’s hope the Caps prove me wrong this season.

Why we need Karl Alzner

9 Jul

As a Caps fan I’ve been compulsively checking the RFa’s(Restricted Free Agents) to see if the Caps have signed Karl Alzner.

why Karl Alzner? there are a plethora of reasons, beside the fact he’s my favorite player. Alzy, as I like to call him, has always stood out from his fellow defensive defensemen. His quick foot work and powerful stick handling has helped him stand out from the rest of the 22 year old, British Columbia born defensive defensemen. He moved quickly through the WHL as a defensemen for the Calgary Hitmen, with a career total of 19 goals and 117 points.

His talents as a leader and player shined as a member of the Canadian Gold medal winning team in the 2007 WJC (World Junior Championship). His leadership skills continued to shine as he was picked as an Alternate Captain in the 2007 Super Series and was named Captain of Team Canada for the 2008 WJC.

Although his career in the NHL has been short, he has preformed well in the last two seasons as a full time Capital with line mate, and friend, John Carlson. Their name among Caps fans and announcers is the “shutdown crew”, due to their ability to shut down any teams offense and keep them out of the Caps end of the ice while creating chances for the Caps offense.

He has not only done well on the score board, with 3 career goals and 22 points, but in the locker room as well. Even though Karl has never worn an “A” or an “C” he has always been a strong presence, even as a rookie. His quiet strength is noticed by fans and team mates alike.

If those reasons aren’t enough, his determination to be better and stronger every year speaks volumes.

The plastic Owl

9 Jul

Today, as I was cleaning up breakfast, I looked out the kitchen window. The kitchen window has a great view of our 5X5 yard which hosts my dad’s pride and joy, the garden. In his fool hardy attempt to keep the fat squirrels and rats at bay he employed a plastic Owl. I guess he thought something of such a predatory nature in the wild would have an effect on these vegging rodents, even though it was harmless and plastic. This got me thinking about our prior discussion driving to the “place that used to be Macgruders” as he infamously calls it, to pick up ingredients for spaghetti sauce. We were talking about the Caps and how we had copped off early in the Playoffs, again, and we were talking about the how the “young guns” didn’t really show up against Tampa and how that really effected our teams playing ability. As I was scrubbing away the last remnants of eggs, it hit me. Every team has a plastic owl. He looks menacing and hard hitting, but he’s just an empty shell used as propaganda, if you will, to get the other team psyched and ready for battle. When all he really is, is an inconsistent, more cold than hot, infamous for stick minors type of player. I suppose my description’s a little pointed, but isn’t it true? Semin’s play throughout the entire season (when not injured) was always so streaky and inconsistent. He had some great runs, but they were more often than not over shadowed by his cold streaks. So to conclude this little post, who do you think is a plastic owl on your team? (feel free to disagree and pick another player on the Caps if you so choose)

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