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Caps vs. Devil wears Prada (3-2 SO)

14 Nov

Better late than never, no? With Hugh Grants “Pop Goes my Heart” blaring in the background infused with baby wails; I recall that late and cold night.

The Caps did part two with the christmas ornaments Devils in the Phone Booth this past Saturday. You read that right, folks. The Caps played the Devils back to back. Don’t ask me why, Gary Bettmen’s the one with all the crazy scheduling ideas.

the second game went down as you might expect; the Devils were tired and angry. The Caps were also tired and angry, just about different stuff. The Devils were angry about losing and the Caps were angry about accountability. Different messages, same vein, eh? At any rate, the Caps came out strong in the first making it 2-0 via Speedy feet Chimers and Brouwer.

The Devils decided that just wouldn’t do as they came back with a presence in the second and third periods to make the score tied at 2-2 by Skyora and Carter. While the Devils had it going on, clearly, the Caps were about as mobile as my Great Grandmama in a wheel chair. Not so much. They recorded just 2 shots on goal! I’m pretty sure my high school’s A team could do better than that.

If you thought the second was drier than the Grand Canyon, you’d be wrong. The third period was icecapades lead by, your favorite, #6 Dennis Wideman! Someone give that man a sticker, preferably sparkly. The Caps and Devils had a total of 9 shots on net. Either they were really tired or the defense was spectacular. I’m just going to go with the first due to our recent issues…

With no score in the last 20 minutes of regulation; the Caps were headed to fan favorite, Overtime! Overtime was even more depressing as both team only recorded one shot on net and no score resulted. You know what that means folks, Shoot out.

Was this the part where I switched to watch Pineapple Express because Shootouts always make me super nervous? I can neither confirm nor deny this. Either way, the Devils ended up with one more goal via David Clarkson with the fourth shootout goal.

All in all, it was a decent game. I wasn’t impressed with the second or third perod but considering they had worked their butts off the night before and were dead dog tired, I give them a pass. Also, a pat on the back for Wideman. Really great job, you workhorse. And a pat on the back for the other hard workers, you know who you are.

DJ King on waivers…again

3 Nov

Oh DJ, where would our fourth line be without you? Well actually, they wouldn’t be any different…That’s the problem. As much as I love grinders (grinders gal for life!) and as much as we need grinders (come on, you know we do), they have to be able to do more than just get into scraps.

DJ, I love you to death, but the point of a succesful goon is to be able to play hockey as well as tear it up. And by play I mean score around 5 goals and, ya know, not turn the puck over.

If you look at our beloved goons stats, you’ll see he doesn’t really accomplish either of those things. To sum up his stats this season (he’s only played 1 game) is, well, zip. Zero. Nada. He has nothing across the board. Granted, he has only played one game and he is a goon. But if you look at his stats from last season, well, let’s just say they aren’t anymore impressive.

DJ isn’t a bad guy, and he isn’t a bad player. But the way he plays and his position on the team, so to speak,  isn’t speaking to the type of team the Caps are. Yes he is one player, and yes he doesn’t play every game looking for fights. But playing him against a team sends a real message. And is that the kind of message we want to send?

The whole reason I ask this is because that’s what DJ is asking himself. Being in the NHL means something, something important. It means you are an elite player, a player capable of playing above hundreds of thousands of other hockey players.

DJ is playing in the elite league of the NHL. Or at least he’s supposed to be. He’s a healthy scratch game after game, day after day, week after week. Until maybe, just maybe the Caps decide a goon might actually be a good idea. He just waits, for the opportunity to do what he loves.

Wouldn’t you want to have the chance and ability to do what you love? Of course that’s a yes! So why wouldn’t DJ King want to be put on waivers? being put on waivers is essentially letting all other 29 teams know he wants something different. The ability to actually play more than 10-20 games a year. Would you hold that against him?

While no one picked DJ up while on waivers this time, the message was sent. He wants to play. Whether or not the Capitals organization listens to that or keeps him as a healthy scratch game after game. The answer to this question will be answered in the up coming days and weeks. Until then, we’ll just have to see if his message was picked up. Or if he was left hanging.

Matt Bradley: the Spark Plug

23 Jul

As all Caps fans know, our trusty fourth liner has gone to a sunnier place, literally he was traded to the Flordia Panthers, it’s time to pay homage to our “Spark plug” as The Express put it.
Not only did he bring game changing energy to the game, he was just a great guy on and off the ice.
As The Express puts it “Need a momentum changing hit? Bradley’s your guy.” Bradley was the momentum changer, every game I watched that needed some changing around he always went out, guns a blazing to get the momentum going our way.
Of course, he wasn’t just a steller guy on the ice. He helped out in the community, like one Christmas he went (with his wife) to give presents to a poor family and spend the day with them. Just being a good guy and helping his community. A spark plug.
While Caps fan my not be able to tweet his montra anymore (#NEEDSMOREBRADLEY anyone?) I’m sure Panthers fans will carry on the tradition of our lovable spark plug, better yet great player.
We’ll miss ya Brads, I’ll always cheer you on (unless you’re playing the Caps, I have a sworn duty). Have a kickass season and be the best spark plug out there.

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