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Castro takes over and the Caps are down

7 Nov

Within the span of 20 minutes I have learned two important things; Castro guerrilla’s army kicked some serious ass and Harding is a legit goalie.

In between reading about the US removing support from Batista’s regime and Castro’s forces battling their way twords Havana  the Wild suddenly scoring two goals. While this is definitely not a good thing seeing as it places the Wild up by one going into the third, the Caps ability to try and come back with heavy pressure on the net was.

While 14 shots wasn’t enough, it was a start for the Caps. As they continue the game into the third, they need to keep the pressure on the Wild’s defense as they did in the first and come out strong and willing to score. If continue to keep the pressure and look sharp, there’s no way this game isn’t the Caps.


The Caps venture into the Wild

7 Nov

The Caps venture into the Wild tonight at 7 pm. Considering the Wild don’t suck anymore, this game could be a challenge for the Caps.

The Wild are 9-4 this season and third in the Central Division, making them a shoe in for the Playoffs thus far. In contrast, the Caps are 8-7 (barely over .500) and are second in the Metropolitan Division, also making them a shoe in for the Playoffs so far.

What the stats haven’t told you? The Caps have been playing a more aggressive game of the late and have been really pressuring the other teams defense in the past few games. Since the Wild have a solid defense this season, the question of if the Caps offense can prevail remains. With Ovechkin back in the lineup and the power play as well as penalty kill on fire, the Wild are in for a treat.

Things to look out for

  • 5 on 5 play-The Caps have been meh at best and with the Wild looking to continue their four game winning streak, they’ll be on fire for the start of the game looking for stupid mistakes by the Caps which could turn into a golden opportunity from them.
  • Alex Ovechkin-This is his second game back after his injury and with a player on the Blues  holding the league record for highest goals scored, look out for him to make waves in the scoring department this eve.
  • The power play-The power play was on FIRE Tuesday night and with all this new found success, the Caps aren’t going to shy away from the net if they get the chance.
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