I’ll take my 50 goal scorer to go, please

24 Dec

As a Caps fan, this season hasn’t exactly been all that and a bag of chips, more like that big bag of chips you buy that’s filled with 75% air and the chips are all broken.
If Mike Green (the Caps secret ingredient, apparently) being out wasn’t enough, Ovechkin’s playing like Chimera and Chimera’s playing like Ovechkin, and Alex Semin’s playing like his one way ticket to the KHL can’t come fast enough.
Oh yeah, and they had their Coach (who took them from rags to riches, in case you’d forgotten) was fired because Ovie was being an asshat and didn’t want to listen to him (damn it, Ovie, the League’s figured you out. Adapt ya idiot!).
What a year for the Caps, eh?

In short, the Caps can only go up from this point, right? They have the ability and know how to do great things. The question is, do they really want it?

this is going to be my last post until after the new year seeing as I’m going to Miami for Christmas Break! I hope you guys have an awesome Holiday Season and get what you want from Santa.


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